As Easter approaches…what do you say?

What then shall we say? Shall we consider all things relative? Or shall we consider the Truth of the word of God? And this is the Truth, God made you and He loves you! He loves you so much, so completely, so fully, that He sent His only Son to live among men, and to die for every man, woman, boy, and girl. But He did not stay dead. No, He is risen, and He is alive. And He has returned to His home in heaven to prepare a place for all that put their faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, I know in the age we live, these are not popular words. But Jesus did not come to this earth and hang and die on a cross to be popular. He did it because He loves you. He wants to walk in relationship with you. He wants to make His home in your heart. So what do you say? As the Easter season approaches, and we consider the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, what do you say? Will you receive Him?

I encourage you, forget what is popular. Do not wait another day! Today is your day of Salvation. Welcome Jesus into your heart and live.

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